Highway Customers

FEC Highway Services ('FECHS') is the drayage arm of Florida East Coast Railway ('FECR'), meeting customer needs for drayage to get their goods to their customers. FECHS has molded the drayage business to fit the customer’s needs. FECHS provides equipment for loading, picks up the load, delivers it to the rail hub where FECR takes over to deliver it to the destination rail hub. There, FECHS picks it up and delivers the unit to the customer. Once unloaded the unit is delivered back to the railroad hub for return to origin. This plan makes it easy for customers to get their whole move handled with one phone call, one invoice, and one company to deal with.

FECR and FECHS feature 5 ramp terminals, equipment pool capacity, a quality contractor base, dedicated customer service representatives, load tracking capabilities, and on-time, damage free service. Our customers have come to rely upon our 24/7 delivery services, and timely and accurate paperwork processing.