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Carload fuel surcharge

FEC Railway’s fuel surcharge program will be based on the Department of Energy (DOE) On-Highway Diesel Fuel Price (US Average). 

  • The fuel surcharge program will apply as follows:
    • Any fuel surcharge will be adjusted on a monthly basis
    • The basis for the surcharge will be determined by the U.S. Average price of DOE On-Highway Diesel Fuel for a calendar month, as reported weekly on the US Department of Energy web site (www.eia.doe.gov)
    • In the event the average monthly price of Retail On-Highway Diesel Fuel, equals or exceeds $1.25 per gallon, a surcharge of beginning at 0.5% will apply
    • For every five cent increase above $1.25 per gallon, the surcharge applied will increase by 0.5%. (See threshold schedule for more details)
    • When the average DOE price drops below $1.25 per gallon, no fuel surcharge will apply
    • The surcharge will be billed to applicable shipments beginning the second month following the month on which the DOE average price calculation was based. (Example: the average reported DOE price for the month of January 2012 will determine the fuel surcharge applied throughout the month of March 2012). 
Fuel surcharge (effective date) Fuel surcharge
June 2018 18.5%
May 2018 17.5%
April 2018 18%
March 2018 18%
February 2018 17%
January 2018 17%
December 2017 15.5%
November 2017 15.5%
October 2017 13.5%
September 2017 12.5%
August 2017 13%
July 2017  13.5%
June 2017 13.5%
May 2017 13.5%
April 2017 13.5%
March 2017 13.5%
February 2017 13%
January 2016 12%
December 2016 12.5%
November 2016 11.5%
October 2016 11.5%

For an extended carload fuel surcharge history please click here.

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