Reliability & Safety Record

FECR’s Commitment to Safety
FECR’s mission is to be the safest railroad in the industry through the development of a passion for safety that protects our most valuable asset - our employees - and involves respect, integrity, education, and personal accountability.

Key Components to Success:

  • Education and Awareness: All FECR employees receive training throughout the year as required by law and by company policy.
  • Test/Audits: FECR management teams conducts unannounced safety and compliance audits to ensure our employees are working in the safest environment possible.
  • Compliance/Prevention: FECR will ensure that potentially unsafe behaviors or circumstances are addressed immediately and any incidents are investigated in a timely manner.
  • Recognition: Employee recognition is a key component of any successful safety program. Our employees will share in the success of our safety program through functions designed to promote safe work habits and recognize safety accomplishments throughout the year.


Jake & President's Award
In 1995, the Jake Award Program was created by, and named for Lowell S. "Jake" Jacobson, a previous recipient of Railway Age Magazine's Railroader of the Year. Jake started giving these awards, out of his own pocket, to recognize outstanding safety achievements in the short line railroad industry, which had gone unrecognized before. In 1999, the American Short Line & Regional Railroading Association Safety Committee adopted the Jake Awards, and since then, has continued Mr. Jacobson's legacy of rewarding and drawing attention to the high safety standards of the small railroad industry.

As is the case with the Harriman Awards, FEC consistently received recognition from the Jake Awards Program. Jake Award Certificates are awarded to any member railroad that finished the calendar year with a Federal Railroad Administration frequency rate less than or equal to the industry average.

The President's Award is associated with the Jake award however; it is awarded to the railroad with the most hours that has a 0.00 frequency rate, according to the FRA website and to the member railroad with the lowest frequency rate that is below the industry average.

2011: President's Award

2010: Jake Award Certificate
2009: Jake Award Certificate
2008: Jake Award Certificate
2006: Jake Award Certificate
2005: Jake Award Certificate

E.H. Harriman Award
Although today discontinued the E.H. Harriman Award was for many years was an annual award presented to American railroad companies in recognition for outstanding safety achievements. The Harriman Awards were established by the late Mrs. Mary W. Harriman in memory of her husband, Edward H. Harriman, an American legend in railroading. The awards were administered by the E.H. Harriman Memorial Awards Institute, with support from the Mary W. Harriman Foundation. Harriman winners were selected by a committee of representatives from the transportation field and are granted on the basis of the lowest casualty rates per 200,000 employee-hours worked. All data is documented by the Federal Railroad Administration.

FECR has consistently demonstrated a superior safety and was awarded E.H. Harriman awards as follows:

2011: Bronze Award
2008: Silver Award
2007: Bronze Award
2006: Gold Award
2005: Gold Award