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Florida East Coast Railway is one of America’s most visionary short line railroads.

Tracing its lineage back to December 31, 1885, the day on which the legendary Henry M. Flagler purchased the Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Halifax River Railway.

After several name changes the railroad would, in September of 1895, become the Florida East Coast Railway. Henry Flagler and the railroad founded Palm Beach, Miami and most of the east coast of Florida, and built the fabled Key West Extension connecting the chain of islands to the mainland.

Known for many years for its passenger trains, the last regularly scheduled passenger train ran on July 31, 1968, due to the work stoppage by the non-operating unions that began on January 22, 1963.

The company continues this same level of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit today. 

The Florida East Coast Railway gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Company Historian Seth H. Bramson in the preparation of the history link of this website.
For additional history the following books are available:

  • "Speedway to Sunshine: The Story of the Florida East Coast Railway," published by Firefly Canada
  • "Florida East Coast Railway" in Arcadia Publishing's "Images of Rail" series
  • "The Greatest Railroad Story Every Told: The FEC Railway's Key West Extension," published by The History Press of Charleston, SC
  • "The FEC Railway's Key West Extension"


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